Thursday, 12 August 2010

At Home in the Modern World

Alex Randall's Trippy Lighting

By Jaime Gross

Alex Randall is not your typical lighting designer. In lieu of new materials, the British lighting designer raids salvage yards and taxidermy shops to create truly innovative and often creepy 'bespoke' lighting installations. Whether you find them magnetic or repellent—or, most likely, a seductive mixture of the two—you won't soon forget her Rat Lamp or Squirrel Wall Lights, both of which debuted at The Future Perfect in New York during ICFF.

Since her work raises more questions than it answers, Randall was gracious enough to supply some responses to my emailed queries. Her answers touch on everything from where she finds inspiration to her wildest recent commission: a flock of pigeon lights for a Kiwi client who wanted to "add drama with some taxidermy." For more of her work—and some truly wild photo shoots—check out the slideshow above.