Thursday, 29 July 2010

Alex Randall

Posted on Design Milk: 07.27.10 by Jaime in Home Furnishings

British designer Alex Randall sure is one of a kind. Her bespoke lighting, which is a mixture of taxidermy, sculpture, and imagination (or nightmares, if you will). She has a penchant for dead things with fur and feathers and light bulbs, pairing the two together to churn out some frightful, yet courageous and creative pieces.

Her Rat Lamp (above), which I was fortunate enough to see at The Future Perfect during ICFF is probably one of the creepiest pieces of lighting I’ve ever seen. The rats seems to be drawn to the light, climbing over it as if under a spell.

Along with the Rat Lamp, Alex will be showing the rest of her new collection September 23-26th at The Truman Brewery in London for Tent London. The show will feature her Squirrel Wall Lights (which were also on exhibit at The Future Perfect), and the never-before-seen Antler Chandelier and Saw Light.